Smoker Insurance

Smoker Insurance is provided by many reputed companies. You can go for different policies and plans that are being offered by these insurers. It is up to an individual to decide as till what time he would like to have an insurance coverage for. A person can go for smoker life insurance, or for insurance for a limited number of years. smoking-cigarette11

Insurance companies are coming forward with insurance plans for smokers. A regular smoker might find things difficult for him where insurance payment is involved. A smoker, who decides to get a life insurance cover, is required to pay more money towards the same than a non-smoker. But there are companies to smoothen things for such people; they help their clients get a good insurance coverage at lower rates from topmost insuring companies.

An insurance cover might depend upon the nature of a smoker. A heavy smoker will need to pay more than a casual smoker. Some companies evolve a special coverage policy, according to this policy a cigar smoker might be required to pay a different amount towards his insurance coverage from that which is to be paid by a person who smokes normal cigarettes. Hence, a person will have to find out all about individual plans which are available with service providers, before deciding upon one that suits his needs. These individual plans come with better return offers for the applicants.

It is advisable to tell the truth on being questioned about your smoking habit by an insurance company’s agent. Heavy smokers try to avoid paying large amounts as insurance cover by avoiding questions put up to them. But no insurance company can be fooled in this manner. They have all kinds of tests for these liars. Urine samples will reveal the whole truth within no time. Urine sample will change color to become deep red if the smoker is in the habit of heavy smoking. There is no change of color if a person does not smoke. Occasional smokers will find that their urine reveals their slight smoking habit by changing to pink color.

Heavy smokers are likely to have a shorter life span. Insurance companies need to be convinced that heavy smoking will be given up once a plan is made available to them. Smoker insurance demands of you to take life seriously to start enjoying it. Smoking is a step forward to getting serious diseases.

A smoker life insurance plan taken up with a promise of quitting the source of smoke can bring stability in life